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Summer May 29, 2014

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It’s here, it’s finally here!  Summer!!!  I love summer.  The wild things and I all have birthdays in the summer.  It is the best time of the year.  I still have to work, but I love that my boys are so relaxed.  I love the music of summer, the food, the smell of the air, the fresh cut grass, the flowers in bloom.  I even love the heat and humidity.  I love that the kids act crazier in the summer. 

So much can happen in the summer.  We stay up later.  We get more done.  Everything seems so much more magical in the summer.  I love that even in my 40s I look forward to my birthday slap in the middle of summer.  There is something about it that makes me feel younger and special.  I love the long days and laying by the pool.

The wild things are out of town.  They come back Saturday.  I am ready for them to come back.  I worked longer hours this week so that next week I could spend more time with them.  My youngest wild thing reminded me a few weeks ago that I work too hard.  He is right.  He told me it wasn’t just work…which I bring home on a regular basis.  But also that when we are at home I am always working.  I work in the yard and in the house.  He is right… I never stop and enjoy things.  And in 11 days I will have an 11 year old.  Then a month after that an 8 year old.

This summer I want to enjoy the days like I did as a kid.  I want to have fun.  I want to cook outside and eat dinner on the patio.  I want to have friends over and cut up into the night.  I want to play with my boys every day and make it a summer they never forget.

That’s my goal… to enjoy the summer.  No more saying is this day over yet.  No more wishing my time away.  Instead, enjoying the moments and realizing that I deserve the break.



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