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Writing again May 26, 2014

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I took a long, long break.  I guess it has been two years since my last post.  I find writing to be very therapeutic.  I feel better when I can get my thoughts on paper.  But, after a while I felt like maybe people didn’t really care what I had to say. 

We went to see Moms Night Out.  It reminded me why I started writing in the first place.  I wanted a space I could share my thoughts and have other moms share their thoughts.  I think so many of us feel the same way.  We want to be the best at everything…the best mom, wife, daughter, niece, cousin, sister, employee, boss, etc.  Watching the movie Moms Night Out reminded me that I really am enough. 

I am enough.  That is going to be my new motto.  I am enough!  When I am tired, drained, and wiped out, I need to remember that I am enough and it is ok to slow down and stop pushing so hard.









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