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Mommies need a support group January 19, 2012

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I started this blog because I really believe that mommies need a support group.  Weekly meetings (virtual or real) where we can let it all out.  All the stuff about being a mommy.

Lately it has felt like the mommy things have been pulling me further and further from center.  Between work, the kid’s school, the kids, the kids’ activities, and the list keeps going, it has felt like I can’t quite balance life the way I did in the past.  So… I started looking for books to read to help.  Organization books, inspirational books, anything.

I am currently reading two books.  Smart Martha’s Catholic Guide and Handbook for Catholic Moms.  Yes…I guess you can tell I must be Catholic.

Both of these books have been very helpful.   I am remembering what is important and what isn’t.  I’ve noticed that 2012 is shaping up to be a much less stressful year.  Not because work and the kids changed, but because I am changing.

I am not spending 2012 yelling all the time…that was 2011.  Out with the old in with the new.

One theme I noticed in these books and other ones I have picked up recently is that having girl friends is really important.  Sometimes I think we forget that we need to spend time with our friends.  It’s very therapeutic.  So my original idea that a support group helps moms may not be that strange.

We need to take more times for lunch together.  We need to set aside time to talk to each other.  Our best allies are other moms who have gone through what we are going through or who are currently going through the same things or just other moms who understand.

 This week I had lunch with a dear friend…my son’s best friend’s mom.  She has turned into one of my very best friends.  This weekend I am going to go to a Pampered Chef party with my son’s 2 best friends’ moms.  That is 2 times in 1 week that I had some girl time!!  I am so proud of myself…this from the woman who spends all her time working or with the wild things.  I very rarely take time away from the wild things…my babysitter is laughing so hard right now I can hear her from across town.  So it isn’t from lack of an amazing babysitter and 2 wonderful back up sitters or a great husband who offers to watch the wild things that I don’t take time away from the wild things.  It is just me.  Something about me…my need to be that perfect mom.  That mom that is always there taking care of everything.

Instead of being the mom on the right.  I am going to strive to be the mom on the left!  A good mom.





The Wild Things…Wilder January 8, 2012

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Tonight, for the first time in ages, I had a friend over.  WOOHOO!!!

I made snacks, I picked up the house, I tried to have adult conversation between my mommy moments.  Oh but the Wild Things…Oh how they can make an impression!

How my dear friend didn’t leave with bruises is beyond me.

We had a very quiet snack time.  Wild Thing 1 was playing a game in his room.  Thanks to my neighbor, Wild Thing 2 had a play date next door.  Oh it was a blissful 30 minutes.

Then, we settled in and watched a movie…my mistake probably.  We watched The Replacement. 


We are watching the movie and the Wild Things start running through the living room.  First, it’s Nerf guns and Nerf swords.  Yelling from mommy to finish writing the required paragraph for school, stop running, play in your room.  Second, the Wild Things find a Football.Well, you can imagine where that went.  Football in the hall, football in the living room, football everywhere.

The Wild Things were bouncing off the walls.  Of course, there were the moments when the movie would pick up to their speed and they would be memorized by it.  But those are few moments.

I worry sometimes that because of the Wild Things, having friends over is difficult.  You know that feeling like people are looking at you thinking how fast can I get out of this nut house?

Luckily, my dear friend has nephews so she understands.  But still, the Wild Things do leave an impression.  This evening probably explained a lot…like why I look tired all the time (the never-ending movement), why I look disheveled (pick up at 45 pound 5-year-old and drag him around and see how straight you can keep your clothes), why I zone out sometimes (you know that spaced out look you get when you are trying to think of what you were saying because the wild things distracted you).

Thank goodness for friends.  Thank goodness for true friends who still like you after they spend 3 hours with the Wild Things!


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