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Stages of Motherhood Part 1 October 4, 2011

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There are stages to motherhood.  I haven’t made them through all of them.  But I am currently split between the kindergarten mom and the elementary school mom.  It’s like having a split personality.

The moment you pee on the stick and the  little plus sign shows up your life changes forever.  It starts with the pregnancy.  Which has its own phases.  The things no one tells you until it’s too late.  The morning sickness that never ends for 9 months.  The worrying about what is happening in there because you can’t see in there.  The honeymoon and nesting phase…my personal favorite.  With the second one, you don’t have time to think about any of those things.  You just balance!  I can’t imagine adding more…but my friends that have look…hum… what is the word… in a world of their own.

The baby comes and Phase 1 – Babymoon starts.  Oh, Babymoon.  Those moments of complete bliss.  Maternity leave is only so long so you are trying to make the most out of those pre return to work moments.  The endless hours of holding and rocking.  Nursing around the clock because you don’t need a schedule yet. 

It’s a honeymoon with your baby.  Then, just like the honeymoon reality sets in and Phase 2 starts – No Sleep Mommy.

It’s time to go back to work and thing 1 doesn’t want to start a schedule.  Thing 1 is up all night nursing nonstop.  Thing 1 is sucking the life out of you.  Suddenly you realize you can actually work on a very limited number of hours of sleep.  Surely when Thing 1 starts sleeping through the night you will get sleep again…oh what a cruel joke.

In this phase, you are back at work and have demands for both home and work pressing on you.  You start to look a little like this.

Not really too frazzled yet, but hair starting to get out-of-place.  A little spit up on your top.  The dark circles under your eyes start here.  I am not sure when they end exactly.  After spending $500 on creams for your face you discover all commercials are lies.  Nothing can remove those circles.  Not even if your mom took the baby for a month and you slept the whole time.

But, you come home from work.  Sit back in the rocking chair with Thing 1 in your arms and the gooey mom feelings come back.  Hummm…maybe looking a little rough around the edges isn’t so bad.  You cuddle Thing 1 and think isn’t he worth it all.  Then the crying starts and your moment of sanity is broken.


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