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Movies with a family message December 4, 2011

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Today we went to the movies.  We saw Happy Feet 2.  It was so cute.  I listen to so many people talk about how the movies today aren’t any good.  How the movies have no purpose.  How bad movies are.

Well, today we provide them WRONG!  We watched a great movie.  The wild things left the movies with a lot of different really great messages.

We talked about what they thought the movie represented in the car.  The wild things pointed out that Eric (Mumble’s son) realized that his dad was his true hero.  It is something they both relate too.  Both wild things think their dad ROCKS.

The wild things loved the way the different types of penguins helped each other.  We talked about how communities help each other.  It doesn’t matter who we are or where we come from…we are all on this big planet together.

There was one character who wasn’t exactly who you thought he was.  A little misrepresentation.  The wild things loved that everyone embraced him even after they knew the truth.

The meaning of the story was there.  You just had to be open to it.  There were stories about how when we all work together we can get more accomplished.  That we each have something inside of us special…we just have to find it.  Love is in the last place you thought it would be.  One event can change the lives of many.  One action can have a huge impact.

I agree not all movies have some deep meaning.  But, that is ok.  Because sometimes you just go to the movies to laugh.  Not to learn anything.  Just to cut loose for a few minutes from the everyday things.  Sometimes…a lot of times… you need that really deep double over laugh that makes your side hurt.  And sometimes, a movie gives you the opportunity to explain a life lesson to the wild things.


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