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Watching your ADD son learn November 27, 2014

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My youngest wild thing is 8 years old.  He has ADD which has lead to a learning disability in reading and writing.  He is in third grade.  It has been a tough few years in school.  We attend a small Catholic school.  He receives a lot of one on one help from his teachers.  We have hired several tutors over the years.  All of them have been wonderful.

He excels at math. He can do almost any math in his head and just say an answer.  Numbers make sense in his brain.  The numbers connect.  Numbers are solid.  The rules are always the same.

Reading… well, the English language has a lot of exceptions.  The rules aren’t always solid.

Wild thing 2 tries very hard.  He wants it all to click.  He is frustrated when it doesn’t.  Each tutor has said he is just on the edge of everything clicking.  Of course the course work changes as we go up each grade.

Everyone who has ever helped him has lead to the moment that occurred last night.  While visiting family, wild thing two comes running in my room.  Mom, Mom, I have something for you.  He hands me a piece of paper with pen scratching all over it.  Look he says, it’s cursive.

UGH!  My job is to not encourage him to just scratch all over paper, but to try to write words.  It isn’t that he can’t do it.  It’s that scratching on paper is a lot easier and requires a whole lot less CONCENTRATION.

I then say… I love when you bring me things you work on.  But, I would really love to have a note that you write to me.  Wild thing studies me a little with that look that I know this can go either really well or into a fit of hysteria.  And it goes well!

After a few minutes, he appears in my room with the following…

Thank you to ever person who has ever helped my baby.  He did this on his own without being begged to please go write, please focus, please keep trying.  I am so very thankful.

IMG_2174 IMG_2176 IMG_2177 IMG_2178 IMG_2179 IMG_2180

Advertisements Challenge day 5 and 6


Well, I missed posting on Day 5.  It was a long day at work followed by travel to God’s Country to see my family.  So I am going to catch up with a two in one post.

So how is it going now that we are knee deep in Holiday 1 of the Crazy Holiday Time of the Year?

Well, let’s evaluate the situation.


The original plan was my two sisters and I would come to Mom’s with our families and have a wonderful, traditional Thanksgiving.  However, that isn’t exactly how it has ended up.  Both of my sisters work retail.  So what was going to be a sit down at noon for Thanksgiving lunch has been changed to a split meal throughout the day.  My hubby couldn’t make it this year due to changes at work.  So we are going to roll with it!

My mom has cooked for 2 days.  It smells incredible here.  One sister is already at work.  She will come over at 4 tonight.  The other sister is driving in for lunch then hitting the road in the afternoon so she can work Black Friday.  My hubby will probably have dinner with friends at home that are like family.

So… it isn’t the perfect plan we had.  But, it is still going to be wonderful because we appreciate any time we have together.

Number 3 and 4 of the challenge I had skipped earlier because my kids and husband weren’t home.

3 – Remember your kids are kids, not angels.

4 – Cut your husband some slack, he is not an angel either.

WOW!  Things I must remember.  I have a tendency to lose my patience because I want things…..112714_1541_iMomcomChal4.jpg

Well, I wish I could say that number 3 started of better.  But, I am going to keep reminding myself that they are not angels.  Number 4 is hard too.  I hate when we aren’t all together.  So it is hard not having hubby here today to celebrate all we have to be thankful for.  But, I am a work in progress.  So I’ll just keep working on this part of the challenge.  I’ll report back to you how it goes.

Number 6 is the perfect part of the challenge for today!  Be thankful for what you have instead of thinking you need more.

WOW!  What could be better for today!

be thankful

We always want more of everything.  Today, I am going to stop and think of how very lucky I am.  I am so thankful for…

  1. A family that loves me and who I love so very much
  2. Parents that have given me so much in life both mine and hubby’s
  3. A husband who really is a great person
  4. Kids who make me laugh 90% of the time
  5. Sisters, Sister in laws, Brothers, Brother in laws, Nieces, and Nephews who make life richer
  6. Friends who aren’t just friends, but they are my family

I guess I am most thankful for the people in my life rather than the things that we acquire.

be-thankful 2

So my wish for everyone is that we can all be thankful today for our blessings big and small.  Happy Thanksgiving.


The holiday challenge November 22, 2014

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My life is headed in a completely new direction.  Not one I planned on or was ready for, but sometimes we have to have faith that everything is happening for a reason.  It’s not bad, or horrible…even though I have a tendency to make everything out to be impossible at first.  It’s just different and change.  I don’t do change.  I don’t do different.  I am a creature of habit.  I have to have everything just so or the world isn’t turning the way I feel comfortable.  I am trying very hard to not let the changes effect the holidays.

So… I decided I would participate in the “Crazy Mom” Holiday Challenge.  You can follow it at


I always want the holidays just perfect.  You know everything in its place, wonderful food, perfect weather, a dress that fits just right (even without dieting all year), no fighting, no arguing, perfect angelic kids, a husband who magically knows where all decorations must go and places them there just right.  You know… a dream world and not reality.

perfectI am going to enjoy every moment of these holiday season.  How did I start?  Well, I am not putting up my Christmas decorations until I have enjoyed a thankful Thanksgiving.  Every year I put up the Christmas decorations at the beginning of November so we can enjoy them.  But we seem to then just pass over Thanksgiving.  Not this year.  Nope, No Way!  I am enjoying all parts of Thanksgiving.

I am going to document my process on my blog.  I think I need it to be accountable for sticking with the challenge.  But also to not beat myself up when I have a “moment”.  Come on… you know about having a “moment”.  I tend to then feel guilty because I fell off the wagon with one of my “moments”.  Nope, not this year.  I am going to learn how to relax and embrace the chaos.

Number 1 on the challenge… roll with it and don’t expect a perfect holiday.  So how is this for not having a perfect holiday.  The boys and I will be at home with my mom and family in God’s Country.  Hubby will be at our home.  He won’t be able to make it over to spend the holiday with the family.  Well, just roll with it.  We can Skype or FaceTime. The Wild Things and I will have a great time.  We can check in with hubby throughout the day.  So even though it won’t be perfect, it doesn’t make the day any less special.


I will not have a moment this week when I am driving to God’s Country by myself.  I will listen to music, sing really loud (because I’ll have 4 hours in the car by myself), and stop at Starbuck’s whenever I want.happyIt will not be perfect, but I will roll with the changes.


Summer May 29, 2014

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It’s here, it’s finally here!  Summer!!!  I love summer.  The wild things and I all have birthdays in the summer.  It is the best time of the year.  I still have to work, but I love that my boys are so relaxed.  I love the music of summer, the food, the smell of the air, the fresh cut grass, the flowers in bloom.  I even love the heat and humidity.  I love that the kids act crazier in the summer. 

So much can happen in the summer.  We stay up later.  We get more done.  Everything seems so much more magical in the summer.  I love that even in my 40s I look forward to my birthday slap in the middle of summer.  There is something about it that makes me feel younger and special.  I love the long days and laying by the pool.

The wild things are out of town.  They come back Saturday.  I am ready for them to come back.  I worked longer hours this week so that next week I could spend more time with them.  My youngest wild thing reminded me a few weeks ago that I work too hard.  He is right.  He told me it wasn’t just work…which I bring home on a regular basis.  But also that when we are at home I am always working.  I work in the yard and in the house.  He is right… I never stop and enjoy things.  And in 11 days I will have an 11 year old.  Then a month after that an 8 year old.

This summer I want to enjoy the days like I did as a kid.  I want to have fun.  I want to cook outside and eat dinner on the patio.  I want to have friends over and cut up into the night.  I want to play with my boys every day and make it a summer they never forget.

That’s my goal… to enjoy the summer.  No more saying is this day over yet.  No more wishing my time away.  Instead, enjoying the moments and realizing that I deserve the break.



Mommies need a support group January 19, 2012

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I started this blog because I really believe that mommies need a support group.  Weekly meetings (virtual or real) where we can let it all out.  All the stuff about being a mommy.

Lately it has felt like the mommy things have been pulling me further and further from center.  Between work, the kid’s school, the kids, the kids’ activities, and the list keeps going, it has felt like I can’t quite balance life the way I did in the past.  So… I started looking for books to read to help.  Organization books, inspirational books, anything.

I am currently reading two books.  Smart Martha’s Catholic Guide and Handbook for Catholic Moms.  Yes…I guess you can tell I must be Catholic.

Both of these books have been very helpful.   I am remembering what is important and what isn’t.  I’ve noticed that 2012 is shaping up to be a much less stressful year.  Not because work and the kids changed, but because I am changing.

I am not spending 2012 yelling all the time…that was 2011.  Out with the old in with the new.

One theme I noticed in these books and other ones I have picked up recently is that having girl friends is really important.  Sometimes I think we forget that we need to spend time with our friends.  It’s very therapeutic.  So my original idea that a support group helps moms may not be that strange.

We need to take more times for lunch together.  We need to set aside time to talk to each other.  Our best allies are other moms who have gone through what we are going through or who are currently going through the same things or just other moms who understand.

 This week I had lunch with a dear friend…my son’s best friend’s mom.  She has turned into one of my very best friends.  This weekend I am going to go to a Pampered Chef party with my son’s 2 best friends’ moms.  That is 2 times in 1 week that I had some girl time!!  I am so proud of myself…this from the woman who spends all her time working or with the wild things.  I very rarely take time away from the wild things…my babysitter is laughing so hard right now I can hear her from across town.  So it isn’t from lack of an amazing babysitter and 2 wonderful back up sitters or a great husband who offers to watch the wild things that I don’t take time away from the wild things.  It is just me.  Something about me…my need to be that perfect mom.  That mom that is always there taking care of everything.

Instead of being the mom on the right.  I am going to strive to be the mom on the left!  A good mom.





Sick Mommy! January 12, 2012

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Mommies aren’t supposed to get sick.  But this week I managed to catch strep throat.  How did I do that?!

What fun.  I spent the past two days in bed.  I am still tired.  How is that possible.  Of course with dad on the road, mommy still had to tend to the wild things.  Again, what fun.

This week both wild things had a good bit of homework.  Which meant after sleeping all day trying to get better, I had to pick up the wild things from school, pick up dinner that didn’t require me to touch anything, and all of the regular night-time routines.

The wild things were very quick to explain to me that mommies don’t get sick.  It’s ok for daddys to get sick, but not mommies.  What fun.

 Even when you are sick you still have to kiss the bobos, feed the fish, feed the dog, stop the fights, call out the spelling words, think up a creative book report, help a 5 year write a paragraph, go over sight words, and on and on.  What fun!

But then at night when you finally get to wind down, and climb back in bed, the wild things decide to be your doctor.  They do have a great bedside manner.  Mommy your throat feels like you swallowed a big spoon of salad.  Mommy your tummy feels like it should go to the potty.  Mommy your eyes look sleepy.  Then a quick kiss on the forehead to check for a fever and a nice tuck in.  What fun!


The Wild Things…Wilder January 8, 2012

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Tonight, for the first time in ages, I had a friend over.  WOOHOO!!!

I made snacks, I picked up the house, I tried to have adult conversation between my mommy moments.  Oh but the Wild Things…Oh how they can make an impression!

How my dear friend didn’t leave with bruises is beyond me.

We had a very quiet snack time.  Wild Thing 1 was playing a game in his room.  Thanks to my neighbor, Wild Thing 2 had a play date next door.  Oh it was a blissful 30 minutes.

Then, we settled in and watched a movie…my mistake probably.  We watched The Replacement. 


We are watching the movie and the Wild Things start running through the living room.  First, it’s Nerf guns and Nerf swords.  Yelling from mommy to finish writing the required paragraph for school, stop running, play in your room.  Second, the Wild Things find a Football.Well, you can imagine where that went.  Football in the hall, football in the living room, football everywhere.

The Wild Things were bouncing off the walls.  Of course, there were the moments when the movie would pick up to their speed and they would be memorized by it.  But those are few moments.

I worry sometimes that because of the Wild Things, having friends over is difficult.  You know that feeling like people are looking at you thinking how fast can I get out of this nut house?

Luckily, my dear friend has nephews so she understands.  But still, the Wild Things do leave an impression.  This evening probably explained a lot…like why I look tired all the time (the never-ending movement), why I look disheveled (pick up at 45 pound 5-year-old and drag him around and see how straight you can keep your clothes), why I zone out sometimes (you know that spaced out look you get when you are trying to think of what you were saying because the wild things distracted you).

Thank goodness for friends.  Thank goodness for true friends who still like you after they spend 3 hours with the Wild Things!


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