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St. Jude Children’s Hospital Game Day Give Back January 12, 2012

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This year I am participating in the St. Jude Game Day Give Back.

It’s a virtual Super Bowl Party.  Below is a link to a website to donate to St. Jude.

Why am I participating?  My story is a personal experience with St. Jude.

31 years ago, my cousin, Kelly Belenchia, passed away from childhood leukemia.  She was about 21 years old.  I was in the second grade.  I remember when I was told she lost her fight with cancer.  It was such a shock.  I just knew that she would be ok.

Kelly was a passionate, active, amazingly cool young lady.  She played softball and rode a motorcycle.  I remember looking at her thinking she was the most awesome person I had ever meet.  She never let her illness bring her down.  From a 7 year olds perspective she seemed invincible.

I remember they took her to Memphis, TN to St. Jude a lot.  She would come back with less hair (or no hair) and weak, but she would be better.  The doctors, nurses, and researchers worked so hard to make her better.

This would have been in the late 70s.  Imagine what they can do now with today’s technology.  My cousin was a fighter and she was surrounded by the best support team in the world.  The facility was first class even then.

I am so lucky that the wild things are healthy.  My other cousins and I are so blessed to have healthy children.  That is why we love the healthy children we have and thank God for them everyday.  We donate to help those who aren’t healthy.

So this year as you get ready for the end of football season.  Take a minute to check out the page below.  Thanks!


Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2, 2011

This month kicks of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  A few post back I talked about taking care of ourselves better.  We moms seem to put our needs on the back burner for everyone else.  But this month we need to focus on keeping our self healthy.

In 1991, my aunt had breast cancer at the age of 35.  My family has always had a positive outlook on everything we concur so it never occurred to me that she wouldn’t survive.  She did survive and is still thriving 20 years later.

In 1997, my mother discovered a lump in her breast after having had precancerous cells in the opposite breast a year or so earlier.  We knew it was cancer before she even went for the biopsy.  We just knew.  We had done this once before and we just knew this was different from other lumps she had found.  We fought the cancer just like we had done 6 years earlier…just with more advanced treatment options in that short amount of time.  She too survived.

For each of their stories there are so many women who didn’t make it.  But each day researchers are learning more and more about how to treat this cancer.  They are discovering more and more options for after treatment to keep the cancer from coming back.

But…what can we do?

Start here!

Luckily the Susan G. Komen For The Cure website has great ideas for the month of October.

What else?

Get screened.  Go to your annual checkups.  Perform your monthly breast exams.  Make sure you have mammograms at the recommended ages. Join a Race for the Cure.  Talk to your girlfriends, your daughters, your sisters, your mother, your mother-in-law, your cousins, all the women in your life about taking care of themselves. Donate towards research for the cure.

Take care of yourself.  Remember we only have this life.  Let’s make the most out of it…and don’t cut it short!  Just think of what these two beautiful women would have missed if they had not been diligent in their health care.


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